Pregnancy Testing

We provide confidential, lab certified pregnancy testing free of charge. Before making any decisions about what to do, know for sure that you are pregnant.

Call (918) 745 - 6000 for
an appointment
or text (901) 257-9710 .

Limited Ultrasound

We do free limited obstetrical ultrasounds after positive pregnancy tests to detect and confirm a pregnancy. A scan is important to determine what options are available and if unexpected medical care may be needed.

For Teens

 If you are under 18 years of age, you can make an appointment without having a parent present. All appointments are free and confidential.

Abortion Information

We can provide you with information about the various abortion procedures and risks involved with each method.

For Men

She thinks she is pregnant. What’s next? Confirm the pregnancy and find out the options. Mend helps you free of charge.

Sexual Health

Our Sexual Health Program empowers you to make healthy and wise sexual choices. This Program is offered in a confidential, safe, and understanding environment.