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Church Resources

We want to provide ways for you and your community to participate in God’s mission for abundant life.

marvelous life study

Marvelous Life Curriculum

The Marvelous Life Curriculum is an 8 week study on the sanctity and complexity of human life according to the Bible. This study is intended for high school and college age students, but is a great resource for any believer who wants to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and their understanding of the challenges our culture faces when it comes to the principles of life.

sanctity of human life sunday

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Toolkit

Every Year, there is a Sunday in January in which churches and life organizations across the United States celebrate and promote the sanctity of life in the womb. We can help you find ways to participate in this National Holiday with your community.

After Abortion Resources

In a survey conducted by CareNet, more than 4 in 10 women who have had an abortion said they were churchgoers when they ended a pregnancy. Only 7% of women discussed their abortion decision with anyone at church. The church has the opportunity to not only help women feel supported in choosing life, but also to promote healing and forgiveness for their members who have made the decision to abort in the past.

Children Have Impact Toolkit

Children have the opportunity to make a difference. One of those opportunities is by participating in a fundraising challenge between mother’s day and father’s day where they can fill baby bottles with loose change in order to support families in Tulsa with new babies! 

Diaper Drive Toolkit

Mend’s clients earned over 79,000 diapers in 2023. Help us keep diapers in stock by planning a diaper drive for your group, church, or organizations.

These resources are provided at no cost to you with the aim that any contributions you give go to assisting our clients.

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