What Are My Options?

Before you decide, have you confirmed your pregnancy is progressing normally with an ultrasound?

Parenting? Abortion? Adoption?

Watch the videos below to hear real stories regarding your three pregnancy options.

Mend provides you a safe space where you can think through your decision without feeling judged or pressured.

What Should I Do Next?


Before travelling out of state for an abortion, it is important to confirm your gestational age and if your pregnancy is progressing normally. Mend provides a free ultrasound to determine these things. We also provide testing and treatment for the two most common STIs. Untreated STIs can worsen during abortion procedures.


Mend can give you referrals, information on how to have a healthy pregnancy, and instructions for applying to WIC, Sooner Care, and other assistance opportunities. We also have an Earn While You Learn education and support program wherein you have access to free maternity and childcare materials.


Mend partners with adoption agencies that value and support birth mothers. In a modern open adoption, birth mothers have the opportunity to choose the adoptive family and whether or not they would like an open adoption. Make an appointment at Mend to confirm your pregnancy and to learn more about adoption opportunities.

Mend does not perform or refer for abortions.
We can offer you information regarding the different procedures and provide you with a safe space to think through your choice.