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How to Help

Do you know someone who is dealing with an unexpected pregnancy? Whether your partner or your friend, there are ways you can help support her.

She's pregnant.
What does that mean for the man?

62% of women say the father of the baby has the greatest impact on her decision in an unexpected pregnancy. What you do at this stage matters. Here are some tips.

First impressions matter. Consider and acknowledge her feelings.

First confirm the pregnancy with a medical grade pregnancy test and ultrasound provided by Mend. Then learn about all the options available so you can have an informed and constructive opinion.

You are in this together. Express your opinion and let her know that you are there for her. Don’t force her into a decision.

Show support by going with her to Mend. As she has her appointment, you can meet with a man to discuss your concerns and get answers to your questions. You can call our office ahead of time to ensure there will be a  male advocate during your appointment.

Help Her Be Safe

Is your friend feeling overwhelmed or pressured to make a decision quickly?

Before making a choice, it is important for her to confirm her pregnancy with a medical grade pregnancy test and an ultrasound. 25% of early pregnancies end in miscarriage on their own. It can be dangerous to take medication before confirming a pregnancy is progressing normally and determining the gestational age. Encourage her to make an appointment for free services and information at Mend.

If you can, offer to go along with her. Let her know she is not alone.

What to Expect

Minors have rights to our free and confidential services.
Women under 18 do not have to have an adult or guardian with them to get care and support.


At the start of your appointment, Mend will scan your photo ID and request you to fill out some health information. Knowing your health history and your circumstances allows our nurses to provide accurate and safe medical care.

Pregnancy Test

Our tests are medical-grade and conducted by trained professionals for optimal accuracy. If necessary, Mend can also provide free blood testing for more information concerning the status of your pregnancy. Because our tests are conducted by trained staff, we can provide you with an official proof of positive pregnancy test form.


Mend offers a wide range of services and referrals. During your appointment, our client advocates will address your specific needs and make a plan to meet those needs, whether it is an ultrasound, counseling, STI testing, or material resources.